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Mission statement:

We believe that the production/research process and the means of production should be submitted to the artistic content of any given project and not the other way around. Thus this program claims for a certain flexibility to closely follow and meet the specific artistic requirements. 'Huggy Bears' transforms and shapes up as the project goes.

A counselling tool like ours should lead to a perfect destination. Huggy Bears will tune into your interests without imposing any pre-set format of presentation or research conditions but the one you will set for yourself.

Constraints and pressures raise during any given creative process anyhow. That is precisely why we work hard to provide an osmotic frame in which the artist can work his/her own way.

Flexibility & Adaptation is our motto. We counsel in administration, production and artistic matters with the great help and support from our network partners in Vienna.

'Huggy Bears' is an advisory instrument aiming at developing artistic processes.

2016/17 will see the first phase of “Huggy Bears“.

From 2018 on we are planning on enlarging the project by bringing in Superamas’ international network in order to provide even broader support for the artists.