Happiness. The show is undertitled « Happy / End ». And as Jacques Derrida would say : « …at the end, we know, all this will end very badly ! There is no way to reach the absolute good. Presence is always devided, split… » and even though one sells to us the dream of a possible happiness, thank god, we won’t make it ! Because « It would be death, the absolute good would be identical with death ! »

BIG 3rd episode has this bitter taste of failure and death. Everything looks perfect though : the show is sort of smart and funny ; the women on stage are beautiful, healthy and sexy ; the men are mean and cynical ; the dialogs perfectly fit the image of a clever provocative Superamas´ entertaining program. But by using the strategies of repetition and decontextualisation Superamas digs under the surface of its representations. And what Superamas digs out is the power of this desire for happiness and at the same time its total vanity. These strategies applied to this topic create an auto-reflexive thinking process which leads the spectator to reflect its own parcours through the piece and its own expectations of happiness… and it occurres that those expectations are predictable and predicted.

Our more intimate desires are already calculated by social statistics and marketing. Therefore individual behaviour is nothing else than a copy of a cliché.
The modern vaudeville is statistics!

Directed and produced by SUPERAMAS

Co-produced/commissioned by : Parc de la Villette dans le cadre des Residences d’Artistes 2006 Paris / France, Szene Salzburg / Austria, Buda Kunstencentrum Kortrijk / Belgium, Mousonturm Frankfurt / Germany, Impulstanz Vienna / Austria.

With the support of : City of Vienna / Austria, Federal Chancellory of the Arts / Austria, Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Ile-de-France, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / France.

Big 3rd episode

Happy / End

Performance 2006
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