To us, the writing process of a production is definitely akin to the lay-out of a building work, setting up a several-store house, calling up knowledge in such different matters as gravity law, forces mechanics, urbanization techniques and psychology. It assimilates to some invisible cities imagined by Italo Calvino, which maps remain secret, it is a conglomerates imbroglio, a crisscross tangle offering a variety of inner circuits.

And, as a matter of fact, the lay-out process of Building relates more to a network construction than to classical narration. Lights, sounds, performers, machines, images, words, strolling around... We consider the choreographic gesture as sheer movement, coming to reality as much through light-work as through sound-work and bodies. It is an aggregate, a mosaic-type writing involving several levels: grasping information, twisting it around, modifying it, launching it back.

Production: Superamas

With thanks to La Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, France.


A Hybrid Performance 1999